The Blue Stream Farms platform will improve three challenges that our area faces today; education, health and environment.  First, project based learning will motivate our students and prepare them for college, careers and citizenship.  It will also provide schools and districts with new ways to communicate and to connect with parents, communities and the wider world.  Second, we want to change life-long eating habits by providing nutrition awareness campaigns, recipes and community events focused around food and making better food choices.  When you have access to healthy, fresh foods, you see a decrease in the cancer rates, obesity rates and diabetes rates.  Third, we want our students to become stewards of the environment. Threatened by problems related to water shortages, topsoil loss, reliance on fossil fuel inputs and a changing climate, the productivity and reliability of our food systems and ecosystems are at stake. Alternatives are needed which are more efficient in use of resources, sustainable, resilient, and better mesh with our communities.  Aquaponics is an agricultural technique poised to meet our current and future needs for locally raised, healthy and sustainable produce.